Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider, 1923-2008

A sad day for movie lovers, and for people with blogs named after Jaws quotes: Oscar-nominated, Jersey-born actor Roy Scheider died February 10th of cancer. Farewell and adieu, good sir; farewell and adieu.

Here's the trailer from probably my second-favorite Scheider movie, the little-seen, Star Wars-slaughtered (it came out at roughly the same time), William Friedkin-remake of Clouzet's Wages of Fear, 1977's Sorcerer.

Other great Scheider movies include Klute, The French Connection, All That Jazz and Naked Lunch. Adjust Netflix queues accordingly!

Here's "Bye Bye Life" from All That Jazz with Ben Vereen. Crazy, man, crazy.

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Unknown said...

File under the "Brush With Greatness" category: When I lived in NYC one of the celebrities I often saw about town was Roy Scheider. I was shocked at what a small -- even TINY -- man he was in real life. On screen he was almost as big as a Great White. What a talent! Loved him in Klute and The Seven Ups. We'll miss you Roy.