Monday, January 18, 2010

Upcoming for the New Year

This is what I've got planned for the early part of the new year: rather than always seeking out '70s movies I haven't seen before to write about, I'm going to concentrate awhile on some of my favorites. This may prove more daunting than motivational; what's left to be said on Taxi Driver, on Network, on Annie Hall, on Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I hope to find out. Other classic movies I'm lining up:

Certainly I won't give up on lesser-known titles; I've got John Huston's Fat City on my DVR, as well as Blood on Satan's Claw and Chandler, with Warren Oates.

One film I'm dying to write up but can't track down is the charming crime caper The Big Fix with Richard Dreyfuss, from '78. About two years ago I caught it on HBO in the middle of the night so it didn't end up on DVR and I can't locate a copy. It's so much what I love to cover: a lesser-known film with a big star, an updated detective/political thriller, set in Berkeley 10 years after the hippie heyday. Well, I don't care about covering that last part. But still.

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Nostalgia Kinky said...

All great...particularly excited about your NIGHT MOVES and BLOOD ON SARAN'S CLAW posts.